Superior Plating Processes

DeKalb Metal Finishing specializes in RoHS and S.V.H.C. compliant Alkaline Zinc and Zinc Alloy plating, E-Coat, Chromate Conversion, Passivation and more.

As a respected electroplating supplier for over 70 years, DeKalb Metal specializes in zinc and zinc alloy electroplating that is compliant with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern) regulations. All available processes are hexavalent free.

Primarily servicing the automotive industry, we specialize in trivalent passivates that offer excellent corrosion and scratch resistance, without depositing excessive thickness. Additionally, we offer a full lineup of bondable passivates that allow rubber to be bonded to the part after plating.

Benefits of Alkaline Zinc and Zinc Alloy Plating

As a plating company concerned with delivering world class products to our valued customers, DeKalb Metal Finishing uses alkaline plating on our products to deliver superior results when compared to acid zinc and zinc alloy plating.

Benefits of alkaline plating include:

  • Superior plate distribution between high and low current density areas
  • Significantly increased resistance to impact
  • Exceptionally bright - resembling the brightness of acid chloride zinc deposits
  • Improved coverage inside tubes
  • Noticeably improved throwing power – even inside fittings
  • Zero stress - our additives were created to eliminate latent blistering
  • Low current density plating rate – minimum thickness requirements met without creating excessive thickness in high current density areas

Plating Services Offered

Our rack plating processes include Zinc Plating, Zinc Iron Plating, Zinc Nickel Plating, and others. If you’d like to know more about our processes or services, please contact us at 260-925-1820.